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Registration is CLOSED for Summer Classes, Camps, Workshops & Intensives!

The last day of Summer classes is Saturday, August 13

THANK YOU to our parents and dancers for an amazing summer of dance!

August Studio Hours
August 15-27, 2016
DXP1: closed
DXP2: open 9am-7pm Mon-Thurs,
12pm-6pm Friday, 9am-4pm Saturday,
closed Sunday


Registration is OPEN for Fall Classes!

Enrollment can be done @ both
DXP1 and DXP2 or ONLINE!

Review Fall Class Schedule
Classes begin September 6, 2016

Review Contact Us for studio locations, hours, and phone numbers!
DXP1 (near Starbucks)
DXP2/Bright Lights Dancewear
(near HEB Grocery)

Review Descriptions & Attire for details on classes and what to wear!

Exciting New Classes this Fall!
*Creative Day Out on Mondays &
Tuesdays (new day) from 9am-12pm
*Superhero Tumbling for 2-3yrs old
(new age) and 3-5yrs old
*Adult Stretch & Strength & Cardio Blast

Review Fall Class Schedule
Classes begin September 6, 2016

Enrollment can be done @ both
DXP1 and DXP2 or ONLINE!



Visit Bright Lights Dancewear to buy your dance shoes, tights, leotards, shirts & more!
DXP2 studios are connected to Bright Lights Dancewear


Dance Xplosion® is a learning, training and performing facility in southwest Austin for all forms of dance – Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap, Musical Theatre, Leaps & Turns, Drill Team Prep and Hip Hop. Other forms of movement are also presented, including Pre-school Creative Dance, Superhero Tumbling and Boys Hip Hop/Breakdancing.

Dance Xplosion®’s goal is not to force training and technique, but rather to teach, nurture and inspire students as they explore dance and music and develop into talented and experienced dancers. Dance Xplosion® maintains a safe, professional, high-energy and creative environment in order to provide students of all ages the opportunity to grow daily as dancers and as individuals.


To provide students with experiences which develop dance technique, self-esteem, confidence, a healthy competitive spirit and creativity.

To provide highly trained instructors who set a good example for students on and off the dance floor, and whom are always striving to learn the latest trends and techniques in their genre of dance.

To provide open communication between students, parents and staff so that everyone involved has a positive and enriching experience.



If you have questions about Dance Xplosion® in southwest Austin please stop by or CONTACT US anytime! top

Dance Xplosion® LLC is considered exempt and is not licensed as a Child Care Facility by the Texas Department of
Family and Protective Services.
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