"Virtual" Master Classes
Contemporary w/ Jessica Keller
Saturday, March 10, 2018

Classes will be live-streamed through a projector @ DXP2. Jessica will be teaching from a studio in NYC but will be able to see, hear & interact with our dancers in real-time!




Enrollment can be done @ both DXP1 and DXP2 or ONLINE!

IGNITE Summer Dance Intensive

Dance Xplosion®'s IGNITE Intensive is an incredible dance experience featuring the top choreographers and master teachers from LA and NYC flown to Austin just for this event!

*Monday, August 6 - Thursday, August 9, 20187 / 9am-4pm every day
*Registration is limited so contact us ASAP.
*Payment plans are available

Previous years' IGNITE Flyers:


























Faculty Bios!




Summer Workshops
Dance Xplosion® offers several 1 and 2-day workshops for dancers interested in taking their skills and technique to the next level.

*Hip Hop Workshop - Thursday, June 23
*Jazz Workshop - Monday, June 27 - Tuesday, June 28
*Acro Workshop - Wednesday, June 29 - Thursday, June 30
*Drill Prep Workshop - Monday, July 18
*Improv & Choreography Workshop - Wednesday, July 20
*Ballet Workshop - Monday, August 8
*Contemporary & Modern Workshop - Wednesday, August 10

Summer 2018 Workshops Descriptions
Register ONLINE for the workshops!

Master Classes
Throughout the year we have "Master Classes" where we host special dance teachers from around the country to teach one-of-a-kind classes just for Dance Xplosion®!


What to Wear for Intensives 
Appropriate attire is based on the intensive.  Please contact the Studio for specific details.

What to Wear for Master Classes
Appropriate dance shoes are required, i.e. jazz shoes, ballet shoes, hip hop sneakers, tap shoes, etc. 

Students must wear tights and any color leotard for ballet class. Students may wear other dancewear during non-ballet classes, i.e. dance pants, bootie shorts, dance tops, other non-baggy attire.

For ballet classes, hair must be pulled into a tight, secure bun with a bun cover or hairnet thoroughly pinned on.

What to Bring for Master Classes
A bottle of water.  Only water is allowed in the studios.



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