The 2018-2019 Recitals theme is COLORS!

All Recitals @ Hays Performing Arts Center - Directions to Hays PAC
Friday, June 7 - Sunday, June 9, 2019

Spring Parent Visit & Costume Handout Days
*Monday, April 29 - Saturday, May 3, 2019 during regular classes
*Watch class inside the studio room, recieve your dancer's recital costume(s) and have a recital FAQ meeting
Spring Visiting & Costume Handout Info for Parents

Gifts, Program Ads & Shout Outs, Pictures
Gifts Order Form (pdf) OR click HERE to order Gifts online!
Deadline is Wednesday, May 8th    â€‹

Program Ads & Dancer Shout Outs Order Form (pdf) OR click HERE to place an Ad or Shout Out online!
Deadline is Wednesday, May 8th

Recital DVD Order Form (pdf)
Deadline is Recital Weekend

Recital Pictures Info
Individual Pictures (sign-up link)

How to Determine Your Dancer's Show
Recital Shows - Recital shows listed/organized on the studio's class schedule
Important Days & Times - Summary of show arrival days & times

Show A - Sat, June 8 @ 9am, Arrive @ 8:30am                                                Show A Order
Show B - Sat, June 8 @ 11am, Arrive @ 10:30am                                            Show B Order
Show C - Sat, June 8 @ 1:45pm, Arrive @ 1:15pm                                           Show C Order
Show D - Sat, June 8 @ 4:15pm, Arrive @ 3:45pm                                           Show D Order

Show E, Act 1 (REQUIRED REHEARSAL) - Fri, June 7 @ 5:30pm, Arrive @ 5pm   Show E Order
Show E, Act 1 (PERFORMANCE) - Sun, June 9 @ 12:30pm, Arrive @ 12pm           

Show E, Act 2 (REQUIRED REHEARSAL) - Fri, June 7 @ 7pm, Arrive @ 6:30pm   Show E Order
Show E, Act 2 (PERFORMANCE) - Sun, June 9 @ 2pm, Arrive @ 1:30pm

Co. Encore (no Rehearsal) 
Co. Encore (PERFORMANCE) - Sun, June 9 @ 3:30pm, Arrive @ 3pm

Show F, Act 1 (REQUIRED REHEARSAL) - Sat, June 8 @ 6:30pm, Arrive @ 6pm   Show F Order
Show F, Act 1 (PERFORMANCE) - Sun, June 9 @ 5:30pm, Arrive @ 5pm

Show F, Act 2 (REQUIRED REHEARSAL) - Sat, June 8 @ 8:15pm, Arrive @ 7:45pm   Show F Order
Show F, Act 2 (PERFORMANCE) - Sun, June 9 @ 5:30pm, Arrive @ 5pm

Backstage Parent Info
*Backstage Parents are for performance for Shows A-D / performance AND rehearsal Shows E-F
*Sign-up for Backstage Parent
Show A  /  Show B  /  Show C  /  Show D  /  Show E, Act 1  /  Show E, Act 2  /  Show F

Recital Hair and Makeup Info
Whirl-a-Style Instructions - all Level 1+ classes will wear a traditional hair bun for recital
Stage Makeup Instructions

Recital Costumes FAQ - answers to common questions

Recital Costumes - these files contain several images and may take a few moments to load:

Monday Morning Costumes
Monday Afternoon Costumes
Monday Evening Costumes

Tuesday Morning Costumes
Tuesday Afternoon Costumes
Tuesday Evening Costumes

Wednesday Afternoon Costumes
Wednesday Evening Costumes

Thursday Morning Costumes
Thursday Afternoon Costumes
Thursday Evening Costumes

Friday Morning Costumes
Friday Afternoon Costumes
Friday Evening Costumes

Saturday Morning Costumes Part 1
Saturday Morning Costumes Part 2


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