2021-2022 DXP Company will provide members, ages 5-18 years, with high-level weekly training, feedback and mentorship, various competitive and non-competitive performances, and a large variety of social experiences to help form friendships and social bonds, all while committing at an individual level.

We are excited and energized to offer high-quality, intensive studio training that more greatly allows for also being on school dance teams, sports teams, various extracurriculars, academic opportunities, family events, vacations and so much more.

At the same time, for those dancers who want to fully commit to studio life and focus on their development as an artist without involvement in extra school activities, we are looking forward to being strong mentors and to provide more focused feedback and advice.

Interested in auditioning for 2021-2022 DXP Dance Company? 

Contact DXP Owner, Amber Frishman, with questions and to get more details!





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