The 2022-2023 Recitals theme is "There's No Place Like Home!"      

All Recitals @ St. Michael's Catholic Academy
Gloria Delgado Performing Arts Theater
3000 Barton Creek Blvd, Austin 78735

Friday, May 26 - Sunday, May 28, 2023

Recital Participation Google Form

*Please complete the form by January 31, 2023 so we know if your dancer is performing

*Please complete the form even if your dancer is NOT performing

*Click HERE 

Determine Your Dancer's Show  

*Show Assignments to determine your dancer's Show - COMING SPRING

*Important Days & Times to determine your dancer's Show details - COMING SPRING

Performance Only on Saturday, May 27

*Creative Dance & Creative Day Out

*Intro BTJ, Intro Hip Hop & Intro Music Theater

*Toddler Bop & Hip Bop

Rehearsal on Friday, May 26 or Saturday, May 27 + Performance on Sunday, May 28

*All Level 1 - Level 5


*DXP Company

Backstage Parents
Backstage Parent Info

*Each class has Backstage Parents who volunteer to help with the flow of the show, entertain the kids, etc.

*Backstage Parents DO get to watch the performances (we reserve front row seats)

*Backstage Parents DO need to attend both rehearsal and performance (if Level 1 - Level 5)

*Sign-up opens in SPRING

Recital Costumes

*Each class will perform 1 routine with 1 costume.

*Exceptions which have 2 routines and 1 costume are Creative Dance for 3-5yr and Intro Ballet/Tap/Jazz for 5-6yr and Jazz/Tap 1 for 6-8yr.

*Costume sheets include details on required shoes, tights & costume elements the dancer is required to provide.

*Click your class day link. Then open your individual class's folder.

Monday Costumes - COMING SPRING

Tuesday Costumes - COMING SPRING

Wednesday Costumes - COMING SPRING

Thursday Costumes - COMING SPRING

Friday Costumes - COMING SPRING

Saturday Costumes - COMING SPRING

Recital Hair and Makeup Info

Whirl-a-Style Instructions - all Level 1+ classes will wear a traditional hair bun for recital

Stage Makeup Instructions

Recital Gifts & Pictures

*Shirts & Flowers Order Form - COMING SPRING

*Pictures - we are NOT able to have the official photography co. but we ARE having cute photo spots at the theatre!


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